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Comfort Scrape Kitchen Mats


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  • Comfort Scrape kitchen mats are lightweight rubber floor mats that are easy to roll up and clean.
  • Comfort Scrape floor mats provide a safe walking surface in any potentially slippery environment.
  • All Comfort Scrape rubber mats are made from high density, closed cell Nitrile Rubber.
  • Comfort Scrape kitchen mats are OIL and GREASE Proof and ANTI-MICROBIAL to guard against odors and degradation.
  • With low profile edges, the Comfort Scrape floor mat allow carts to easily transiton over their 3/8" mat height.
  • Beveled Edging molded into the Comfort Scrape design serves to reduce tripping hazards 
  • This rubber floor mat utilizes a "dog bone" surface profile to provide comfort and elevate feet above any liquids and debris that may accumulate on top of the floor mat.
  • Comfort Scrape kitchen mats have a solid, non perforated construction that allows for debris to be picked up and removed when the mat is rolled up and removed for cleaning - The debris is carried away within the floor mat when it taken away for cleaning.
  • Comfort Scrape kitchen mats work great in front of fryers and grills because the Nitrile rubber compound makes them Grease Proof.
  • Comfort Scrape floor mats can also be used in industrial settings in welding mat applications
  • All Comfort Scrape floor mats are Certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
  • Ideal applications for Comfort Scrape Kitchen Mats are in Food processing areas, machine shops, heavy industrial applications, dish wash areas, Fryer and Grill areas, and more!
  • Comfort Scrape rubber mats are available in the following sizes:  2' x 3', 3' x 5', 4' x 6' and 3' x 9'.
  • Also Available with Grit Surface - Comfort Scrape with Grit



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