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Clean Stride Walk Off Mats


Product Description

  • Clean Stride Walk Off Mats utilize a two mat combination to trap dirt at the source a Waterhog scraper +  tacky clean room mat to catch small dust particles that can cause damage in clean room environments.  
  • Clean Stride floor mats are earth friendly with an SBR rubber backing that has 20% recycled content. 
  • Available in smooth or cleated backing.
  • 3/8” thickness
  • Not recommended for wet areas.
  • The Waterhog Mat scrapes larger particles off foot traffic first and then the adhesive inserts follow in capturing the smaller dust & dirt. 
  • Removes over 90% of dirt particles.
  • Clean Stride floor mats come in all 19 Waterhog colors.
  • A highly effective dirt and dust removal method for anywhere where a dirt and dust free room is desired. 
  • Common Use: factories, computer rooms, warehouses, school gymnasiums, health care facilities, interior build out projects where construction dust is and issue and many more uses..

About the Adhesive Inserts

  • 60 peal off insert tabs.  
  • The Clean Stride adhesive inserts are comprised of individual layers of adhesive coated film. 
  • Each layer can perform many times before it must be peeled away and discarded.
  • Insert layers are numbered on the corner to ensure one sheet at a time removal, and to indicate the number of layers remaining.

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