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Waterhog Classic Carpet Tiles

Tile Size: 18" x 18"

Thickness: 1/4" or 7/16"

With a premium 24-ounce anti-static, 100% polypropylene fiber system,

Waterhog Classic Carpet Tiles dry quickly and will not fade or rot.

Designed to be installed in Indoor high-traffic

Best used for entrances, recessed mat wells, lobbies, vestibules and elevators.

Choose from 19 Colors

4 Patterns to choose from: Classic Square, Diagonal, Diamond, or Geometric Pattern.



Waterhog Eco Premier

Tile Size: 18" x 18"

Thickness: 1/4" or 7/16"

Heavy Duty entrance matting system that is Earth Friendly

30 oz, 100% post-consumer recycled PET Polyester fiber derived from 

used plastic bottles for the face and a rubber backing.

Modular flexibility to handle small to large entrances - and entrances with odd configurations

Will suffer pile crush and will provide years of superior dirt and moisture collection.

Eco Friendly - Every square foot eliminates 4 half liters of plastic bottles from the waste stream.

Each Pattern may be special ordered with the universal recycle symbol molded into the pattern

Choose from 8 Colors

3 Patterns to choose from: Diagonal, Diamond, or Geometric



Hog Heaven II Fashion Modular Tile

Tile Size: Corner - 21.875" x 21.875"

Middle - 18" x 18"

Side - 18" x 21.875"

Thickness: 3/4"

Anti-static, slip-resistant 100% solution dyed polypropylene top surface will not fade

Closed-Cell Nitrile rubber cushion backing keeps standing workers comfortable all day long

Beveled edging comes pre-attached to Corner and Side pieces for safe transition from mat to floor.

Choose from 4 colors



Soft Carpet Tile

Tile Size: 24" x 24"

Thickness: 5/8"

Water and Moisture Proof foam bonded to a Solution Dyed Polypropylene face fiber

Ideal for basements, play areas, light workout areas,

Trade show Booths, or behind counters as an anti-fatigue mat, etc.

Choose from 12 Colors

**Minimum Order of 8 Tiles**