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Give Your Employees Time to Adjust to New Anti-Fatigue Mats

Adding standing workstations to your office building can be extremely beneficial for employee health, as sitting for long periods of time is never a good idea. Your employees may not all like the idea at first, but as they stand on a new anti-fatigue mat and work on their computer or take phone calls, they'll [...]

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Anti-Fatigue Flooring for Retail Locations

There are retail stores all across America, from massive superstores to small-town businesses. Regardless of the size of the building, every retail location has one thing in common - employees that are on their feet all day long. In a large retail store, there are multiple departments, and employees are either standing behind a counter [...]

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Keep Your Shipping and Receiving Department In Order

A retail store's shipping and receiving department is one of the busiest spots in the building, and keeping it organized is essential to the store's success. If you manage the shipping and receiving department, you do all you can to keep some semblance of order, which can be difficult, especially if you have boxes coming [...]

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Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Custom Woodworking Shop

Having the skill and talent to build custom tables or cabinets can help you quickly make a name for yourself as a woodworker. Whether you have a shop in your home, or you've rented commercial space, the fact is that you'll devote a majority of your time to working on your projects. Working as a [...]

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Anti-Fatigue Mats for Guard Stations

Security is a top priority for any business, and owners want to make sure their employees and customers feel safe every time they're in the building or on the business property. If you own a business that employs security guards, you want to make sure that those guards are alert and awake throughout their entire [...]

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Anti Fatigue Floor Mats for Your Commercial Kitchen

If you work in a commercial kitchen, you know how hectic it can get. There are dozens of people doing dozens of things at one time, and everyone has to be in sync in order to avoid any problems. Food has to be prepared quickly and properly, so that the wait staff doesn't have to [...]

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Avoid Tired Feet During a Day of Cutting Hair

If there's one business that nearly every town or city in America has, it's a barbershop or a salon. Even in the smallest towns, there is at least one hairstylist that serves the citizens of that town. In large cities, you'll find hair cutting franchises on almost every corner, as well as local barbers that [...]

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Stay Alert During Your Shift with Anti-Fatigue Mats

In a hospital, it's important for doctors, nurses, and other staff members to stay alert when they're attending to patients and filling out important paperwork. Medical personnel often work long shifts, and for a majority of those shifts, they're on their feet, either walking to see a patient or respond to an emergency, or standing [...]

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Hiring More Employees? Pick Up New Anti-Fatigue Mats

If your business is growing and you need to bring in more employees right away, it's essential that you have work areas ready to go on the day they arrive. If they have to stand around waiting for a space to be created, or equipment to be moved so they can work, you'll lose productivity [...]

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Stay on Your Feet at Your Next Trade Show

If you regularly attend trade shows for your business, you know how important an attractive and well-designed booth can be. You have signage that brings visitors in, information they can take with them, and giveaways that show them that you appreciate their time. The one thing that every trade show booth needs is appropriate flooring. [...]

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