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New Logo Mats for Your High School Sports Team

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High school sports are a way of life for many people around the country, and if you're an athlete, a parent, or just a fan, you take great pride in your high school teams. Both boys' and girls' teams compete every single week in various sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball, and track. With spring almost here, it's time for another track and field season to start, and if you're a school administrator, you may have noticed that the logo mats outside your training facilities and stadium entrances are beginning to look a little worn. At The Mad Matter, we can provide new custom logo mats that proudly display your team name and school logo for all to see.

When choosing your new logo mats, it's important to keep in mind several factors, such as where the mats will be placed and how much foot traffic they will experience on any given day. If thousands of fans will be crossing them to enter the stadium, it might be best to choose a recessed logo mat that can withstand plenty of dirt and moisture. If the mats will be outdoors, we'll recommend the best material for tolerating the climate in which you live. If the mats will be placed inside, such as at the entrance to the locker room, will athletes wearing cleats or spikes be walking on them every day?

If you're ready to upgrade your high school track team's logo mats this season, contact us right away. We're always excited to help a school show their pride in their athletics, and will provide exceptional products each and every time. Look through our outdoor logo mats to get a better idea of what surface and recessed options we have available. If you're more interested in indoor logo mats, we have plenty of options available for both recessed and surface applications in that category as well.

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