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Barefoot Standard Drainable


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  • Barefoot Standard Drainable Floor Mats are a superior anti-fatigue mat when water and non harsh liquids are present.
  • Holes allow moisture to fall below the floor mat and rubber nubs on each raised dome on the surface of the mat.
  • The technical achievement of all Barefoot fatigue mats is the remarkable balance of both CUSHION and SUPPORT which are crucial factors to consider in an anti-fatigue mats. 
  • One reason that the Barefoot Standard Drainable anti-fatigue mat performs so well is because of its unique matrix of tri-radial supports.
  • Barefoot anti-fatigue mats have an overall 5/8" thickness
  • Barefoot floor moats employ a dome structured surface that easily compresses providing the cushioning effect necessary for superior ergonomic benefits.  On the underside of each dome is a series of Spring Columns that provide support under each dome for the heavier worker. 
  • Modular construction allows for huge anti-fatigue mat size potential.  Each finished floor mat ismade from 3 different sized modules - 2' x 3', 3' x 3' and 3' x 4' that can be permanently bonded to achieve unparalleled sizes and floor mat configurations.
  • Barefoot floor mats can be made into many more sizes and configurations than traditional fatigue mats.  
  • Barefoot Standard Drainable antifatigue mats are made from a high grade EPDM Rubber.
  • Barefoot floor mats will not bend, tear and crack like so many other anti-fatigue mats on the market.  
  • The tri-radial supports and dome construction of Drainable Barefoot fatigue matting also enhances air flow - air is displaced on the underside of the floor mat which helps to eliminate moisture and reduces microbial growth, mildew and musty odors.  
  • Barefoot Anti-fatigue mats are guaranteed to keep performing - 8 YEAR WARRANTY
  • Barefoot floor mats can be rolled up and rolled out and will always lay flat - No Edge Curl and thus fewer safety concerns.
  • Common Applications for Barefoot Standard Drainable Anti-Fatigue Mats:  Shipping and Receiving Departments, Assembly Lines, Workbench areas, Parts Counters, Packaging Areas, Mail rooms, Pharmacy Counters, Packaging Areas, Laboratories, etc.  Any place a high quality anti fatigue mat is desired where water is present is a place where Barefoot Standard Drainable Anti-Fatigue Mats should be used.


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