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Anti Fatigue matting for dry areas come in all types.  When choosing the best anti-fatigue mats for a dry area, it is important to consider what type of life span, comfort level and type of abuse it is expected to withstand.  Fatigue mats for dry areas are usually made in one of three constructions:  A sponge, sponge with protective skin and a molded construction.  Generally speaking, the antifatigue mats made from a molded construction provide the longest life span and superior ergonomic benefits.  However, the molded anti fatigue mats will either be available in modules or in limited sizes.  The anti-fatigue mats made from a sponge or sponge with protective skin are usually the fatigue mats of choice for dry areas.  These types of dry area antifatigue mats can be made from a vinyl or a rubber composition.  Rubber antifatigue mats will usually perform better than vinyl fatigue mats, but will also cost a bit more.  Many antifatigue mats will utilize brightl colored edges to serve as a visual warning to enhance safety.  Choosing the best anti fatigue matting for your dry area application will take pricing, performance and comfort into consideration.  Call us if you need any help finding the best fatigue matting for your particular application.