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Anti-fatigue mats for the home can be found in workshops, craft areas, kitchens, standing workstations, laundry rooms, and even in the garage. Those choosing the best fatigue matting should take into consideration what they would like the mats to do and in what kind of environment it will be used. For instance, it would be unwise to use a vinyl sponge matting in an area where grease and oils may be present. Vinyl anti-fatigue mats, while less expensive, do not perform well in oily or greasy environments, such as garages. A nitrile rubber anti-fatigue floor mat may be a better choice, or, if lots of dust and particulate matter is generated in your woodworking shop, it may be wise to look for anti-fatigue matting with a smooth surface that can be easily swept clean. There are many factors that should be considered to arrive at the best home anti-fatigue mats for your particular application. Should you need any help, please give us a call.