Many architects and designers recommend the use of an aluminum walk off mat at the entrances for their commercial buildings.  Aluminum walk off mats provide the high end looks desired and the functionality required to trap dirt and moisture that can be tracked in by high levels of foot traffic. 

  When specifying an aluminum walk off mat, it is necessary to choose specific attributes in order to receive pricing. The few crucial bits of information are as follows:

  • Recess Depth (unless surface application)
  • Finish of Aluminum
  • Insert or Tread Type
  • Frame Type
  • Width (Left to Right) as one enters 
  • Length (Traffic Direction) as one enters
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Ship To Zip Code for freight purposes

If a specific factory or model of recessed walk off mat is desired, this should also be stated.  If substitutes are allowed, the above listed attributes will be helpful in securing the best pricing.  

Should you need further info or assistance in choosing the best features for your particular application, please call us at 800-685-1144 or reach out to us at help@madmatter.com