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Aluminum or Rubber Hinge 3/8" Frame Options - R

Below you will find Pictures of the different Frame Options for the Aluminum OR Rubber(Vinyl) Hinge 3/8" Roll Up Mat


Frame 545  For Surface Application

  • Beveled Vinyl Edge allows for an easy transition
  • Edge is attached directly to the Roll up Mat

Frame 544  For Surface Application

  • Beveled Aluminum Edge that is permanently screwed into the floor
  • Edge is not attached to the Roll up mat - Holds the mat in place.



Frame 540  For Recessed Application

  • Use the Frame 540 when pouring wet concrete
  • Surface Reveal is 1/2"
  • Concrete Adjustable Anchor adds stability to the frame.

Frame 551  For Recessed Applications

  • Use Frame 551 when the recess is already formed
  • 1/8" Gauge Aluminum provides a thinner surface reveal
  • Beveled leg under the mat allows for a smooth transition
  • Screws into pit floor against pit wall

Frame 548  For Recessed Application


  • Use Frame 548 when the pit has already been formed
  • 1/8" Gauge Aluminum provides a thinner surface reveal
  • Screws into the pit floor agains the pit wall
  • Recommended that screeding the pit floor to level with the horizontal leg of the frame profile



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