Aluminum Foot Grille - 1-5/8" - Recessed Floor Mat

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  • Our Aluminum Foot Grille - 1-5/8" - Recessed Floor Mat features high end durability and performance.
  • All Aluminum Recessed Floor Mats are Custom Made - each mat is made to order, not in stock.
  • In order to give a proper price and/or quote we need specific information. See below for details.
  • The actual grate for this type of recessed mat measures 1-5/8" in depth, however, there are several frames available to accomodate different recessed depths.
  • The Aluminum Foot Grille - 1-5/8" - Recessed Floor Mat can handle rolling loads of up to 300lbs per wheel and are made from 6063-T52 aluminum spaced at 1-1/2" on center
  • Each tread rail is secured with keylock bars placed on 6" centers - The keylocks are both mechanically locked in place and welded in place for maximum strength
  • Notoriously dependable and are mats that can perform for decades. The inserts may require replacing, but the aluminum foot grille itself will last for a long time barring damage.
  • The underside of the recessed foot grilles have thermoplastic foot pads to put a reduce "metal to concrete" noise where the mat rests on the recessed pit floor
  • An Aluminum Foot Grille - 1-5/8" - Recessed Floor Mat is designed to allow dirt and moisture to fall below into the pit below so that it does not get tracked into the building 
  • Aluminum grilles do not roll up like other recessed aluminum mats, but can be periodically lifted out of the recess for cleaning 
  • Drain Pans for aluminum grates are a great option to have for heavy rain fall areas.  

**Lead time depends on the type of METAL FINISH desired:  Standard Mill takes 1-2 weeks, Anodized Finish can take 3-4 weeks.**

To Receive a Proper Quote we will need the following Information:  
  • Name, Company Name, Phone and/or Email
  • Recess Depth of Pit
  • Frame Type - 420/422, 420, 421, 424, No Frame
  • Finish of the Aluminum - Mill Finish, Clear anodized, Medium Bronze anodized, Dark Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized, etc.
  • Insert Type - Carpet, Polybrush, Peak Vinyl, Vinyl Abrasive, Serrated Aluminum, or Alternating Serrated. 
  • Size of Recess - Width (wide) x Length (tall)
  • Ship To Zip Code - Shipping/Freight

**All of these characteristics affect the overall price of the mat(s)**

Once you have this information, click to REQUEST A QUOTE call us at 800-739-6171 or email us at help@madmatter.biz.