Our aluminum mats provide a superior barrier to sand, salt, and moisture from getting tracked into your building. The aluminum mats come in a variety of thicknesses, finishes, and tread types, and can meet just about any challenge. Many aluminum mats are utilized in a recessed applications. When used in a recessed application, aluminum floor mats are available in varying thicknesses. Deep pit footgrilles are recessed floor grates that are generally 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" in thickness, however, these footgrilles can be outfitted with frames that allow for deeper pit installations where drains and drain pans can be used to channel moisture out of the recess. Aluminum footgrilles can be outfitted with different tread inserts to combat the elements. Each tread insert type is designed to accomplish specific objectives, such as scraping, moisture control, durability and/or provide a high coefficient of friction to prevent slip and falls.

Sometimes, footgrilles are too thick to fit in an existing recess, or a customer may wish to be able to roll up their aluminum floor mats for cleaning. When you need an aluminum rollup mat, there are generally two thicknesses from which to choose - 3/8" and 3/4". The 3/4" aluminum floor mats are often called "aluminum roll grates." They offer the look of a traditional footgrille, but generally possess higher load ratings, so, if heavy loads are anticipated for a particular entryway, it may be prudent to opt for a 3/4" aluminum floor mat. Aluminum rollgrates also come with a variety of finishes and tread insert types to meet the challenges required.

The 3/8" thick aluminum roll mats have a heavy duty option with a higher load rating (750 lbs) and a standard duty option with a lower load rating (300-350 lbs). The 3/8" aluminum floor mats can be utilized in shallow pit recesses and also can be outfitted with beveled edging to allow for a surface application. Aluminum floor mats in this thickness are also available with the same finishes and tread inserts as the rollgrates and footgrilles. The 3/8" aluminum mats possess two hinge types: aluminum and rubber/PVC blend. Some prefer using an aluminum hinge mat over a rubber hinge and vice versa. The aluminum hinge recessed entrance mats can make a slight "metal to metal" noise when walked upon, and for this reason, some people opt for the quieter rubber hinged aluminum mats. Both are very good mats so the hinge choice is solely a matter of preference.

Regardless of which type of aluminum floor mat you opt for, rest assured that you are choosing one of the most effective matting systems on the market. Should you require any assistance with choosing aluminum flooring finishes, tread types, frames or mat types, please call us and we’ll assist you.