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4x6 Entrance Runner Mats are the most common size floor mat. A 4' x 6' entrance mat can be placed in front of double doors which are usually 6' wide or in front of single doors thus providing a longer walk off mat.  When using a 4x6 rubber walk-off mat as an entrance mat, take into consideration whether the floormat will be used as an indoor mat or an outdoor mat. 4x6 rubber backed carpets should have moisture control as the primary focus whereas an outdoor mat should focus on either scraping action or scraping and absorption combined. Consider the 4'x6' olefin mat or the 4'x6 Colorstar floor mat for inside use.  The 4x6 Waterhog Classic entrance mat is a great hybrid product offering scraping and absorption.  For a lower price point 4x6, consdier the Hobnail floor mat, Chevron entrance mat or Dual Rib rubber backed entrance mat.